In her experiments with abstract painting, Hui Lin Liu constantly incorporates new methods and media, pouring and mixing various types of paints and resins onto canvas, wood panel, and glass. In the late 1990s, Liu discovered that certain combinations of paints mixed together would manifest the most complex and intricate patterns and textures — ones that would be impossible to paint by hand. These surprising designs arose and morphed in the process of drying, having a very organic and earthy quality than can appear to be both microscopic and macroscopic views reminiscent of multicoloured cells and gaseous nebulae.

Liu's process is based on a unique combination of spontaneity and control. By pouring her paints, she allows a certain amount of the painting to paint itself — the different media react with one another in unpredictable ways, giving chance a prominent role in the creative process.

After a series of large celestial landscapes, Liu began pouring paints on glass lightboxes, and recently, Liu began to create collage paintings. This latter series began these after several of her glass lightboxes broke during shipping. Not wanting to throw the pieces out, Liu began to reassemble the painted fragments into new works, thus beginning this period of assemblage. She began to create uniquely thick, rubbery paintings which are then cut and reassembled into new collage compositions.

In Liu's current work, she mounts semi-transparent collage paintings onto LED backlit frames. She is now exploring fluid sea forms and oceanic creatures, blending these with more terriestrial elements. These paintings are dimmable pieces that reveal different colours, details, and patterns of the work depending on the amount of illumination. They also have a unique look without any backlighting at all.

Inspired by nature’s inherent creativity, its ceaseless and cyclical processes of growth and decay, Liu uses abstraction to capture her deep sense of wonder about our immediate and hidden surroundings, and imagined places as well.

Liu's ongoing explorations with painting continue to be intricate, spontaneous, yet meticulously finished. Through her artwork, Liu expresses her deep fascination with nature, its range of colours, forms, and constant movement and metamorphosis.

Hui Lin lives and works in Richmond, British Columbia.